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What Is Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener? FAQs

NOW Real Food® offers a comprehensive line of zero-calorie organic monk fruit sweeteners. What started with an exclusive organic extract powder product has expanded to include a variety of unflavored and flavored liquid sweeteners as well as convenient sweetener packets.

What is monk fruit?

Monk fruit, also known as luo han guo, is our newest zero-calorie sweetener. The small, round, and green fruit has edible pulp inside and grows on vines native to China and Thailand. Monk fruit is believed to be originally cultivated by monks for its cooling properties in elixirs, hence the name, monk fruit. Monk fruit is significantly sweeter than sugar, up to 200 times as sweet and is a fantastic alternative to sugar in beverages. NOW Real Food organic monk fruit products have a delightfully vibrant, sweet taste with very little aftertaste.

How does NOW Real Food source its monk fruit?

The pure monk fruit powder in our products is prepared by a simple water extraction process. Using the whole flesh of the fruit including the nectar, the components are separated to get dehydrated juice that holds all the sweetness from the fruit, also called mogrosides. Mogrosides are a derivative found naturally in several types of plants. This process allows the simple sugars to become a byproduct during the extraction process, leaving a super sweet, zero-calorie, and naturally pure powder. It’s a really simple process that creates a sweet alternative to sugar without all the calories.

Are all NOW Real Food monk fruit products organic?

Since the launch of our monk fruit products in 2018, we have offered one of the only fully certified organic lines in the natural products industry. We sustainably source the pure monk fruit extract powder, which is then formulated and packaged into our various monk fruit products such as flavored liquid and packets. Our extract powder is the purest form of organic monk fruit that you can buy on the market.

What do I use monk fruit for?

Monk fruit can be used like any other sweetener or sugar alternative. We offer an organic product line including liquid and powder sweeteners available in a variety of flavors, packages, and sizes. Use liquid monk fruit to flavor and sweeten your favorite beverages like coffee, tea, water, oatmeal and more! You can also combine the extract powder with another sweetener alternative in baking or other recipes. Take a look at our Sweetener Comparison Chart to compare monk fruit to other sugar alternatives.

Choose NOW Organic Monk Fruit Sweeteners – unflavoured or flavoured.

Organic Liquid Monk Fruit, Unflavoured

Oragnic Liquid Monk Fruit, Caramel Flavoured

Organic Liquid Monk Fruit, Vanilla Flavoured

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