NOW® Manufacturing, Distribution & Testing Facilities

As one of the natural products industry’s premier manufacturers, NOW owns and operates several manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States and Canada.

NOW is headquartered in Bloomingdale, Illinois, where our corporate offices and primary manufacturing facility are located. NOW also operates a cutting-edge distribution facility in the neighboring town of Roselle. To better service our west coast customers NOW also operates a manufacturing and distribution facility in Sparks, Nevada.

Both the Bloomingdale and Sparks facilities also house state-of-the-art testing laboratories, where NOW’s quality technicians use the latest analytical instrumentation to perform approximately 19,000 tests on ingredients and finished products each month.

Bloomingdale, Illinois manufacturing and distribution facility

Built in 1998 and designed by Louis Richard, founder Elwood Richard’s brother, our Bloomingdale manufacturing and distribution plant is a 263,000 square foot facility with a thermostatically-controlled, space-maximizing warehouse and temperature-sensitive storage and refrigeration areas.

Our primary manufacturing facility also contains several in-house laboratories, including gas chromatography, analytical, microbiological, and sensory labs. Our in-house laboratories help us to expedite the testing of raw materials, ingredient samples, and finished products, and afford our technicians a level of quality control that is virtually unmatched within the natural products industry.

Our Bloomingdale facility is at the heart of our manufacturing and distribution network and strongly supports our ability to achieve consistent levels of product quality, efficacy, and safety, as well as our ability to meet increasing consumer demand.

Sparks, Nevada manufacturing and distribution facility

Built in 2011, our Western Manufacturing & Distribution facility in Sparks, Nevada is a modern warehouse with softgel, capsule, tablet, and powder manufacturing lines, as well as an advanced suite of analytical laboratories that allow for rapid and comprehensive testing of both incoming ingredients and outgoing finished products. Our Sparks facility is also on the cutting-edge of green building technology.

NOW’s commitment to sustainability

NOW’s Sparks, Nevada facility is a GMP-certified green facility built to adhere to LEED program specifications, which supports NOW’s focus on environmental and sustainability initiatives. Our Sparks facility is LEED Silver certified.

Roselle, Illinois distribution center

Opened in 2017 in response to continued growth and increasing consumer demand, our 200,000 square foot Roselle distribution facility is carefully planned to support long-term growth and expansion. We moved our distribution operations from our Bloomingdale manufacturing plant to Roselle to better support our ongoing growth and future expansion.

Updated order fulfillment & warehouse technology

This facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art Pick-to-Voice order fulfillment system and a three-story high, high-velocity picking module that’s designed to drive higher order output and is scalable for future growth. Significant refrigeration and freezer upgrades allow us to store up to 800 pallets of refrigerated materials and up to 200 pallets of frozen materials.

We also built in a special pack-out area designed to significantly improve packing efficiencies, and a special dock area exclusively for large-quantity truck orders to improve efficiency and order turnaround times.

Canadian manufacturing & distribution operations

NOW is proud to partner with our colleagues in Canada (NOW® Canada) to bring affordable natural health products to our friends north of the border. NOW Canada operates warehouse and distribution facilities in:

  • Calgary, Alberta (41,000 square feet)
  • Montreal, Quebec (41,000 square feet)
  • Guelph, Ontario (100,000 square feet, including Production)
  • Delta, British Columbia (30,000 square feet)

Corporate offices

In 2012 NOW purchased and occupied our current corporate office building in Bloomingdale, just minutes away from our Bloomingdale plant. Our corporate office address is:

244 Knollwood Drive
Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Our corporate offices are home to numerous employees and departments, including Administration, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Accounting, Technology, Purchasing, and others. This facility was purchased with future growth in mind and has adequate space for expansion.