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TestoJack 300™ – Bioavailability Study

Bioavailability Study

TestoJack 300™ is a standardized extract of Tongkat Ali (or Long Jack) used to support male reproductive function.* Two healthy male volunteers, 57 and 58 years old, took TestoJack 300™, a dietary supplement by NOW Foods® (Product # 2202), 2 capsules after breakfast for 4 weeks without dietary and lifestyle modifications. Total and free testosterone was measured at the baseline, and after 2 and 4 weeks of supplementation.


At the end of the observation period, total testosterone increased 64% and 17% above the baseline level for volunteer 1 and 2, respectively (Figure 1). During the same period, free testosterone rose 59% and 62% (Figure 2). The case study indicates that supplementation with TestoJack 300™ in these healthy adult males was effective in supporting testosterone levels within the normal range. Interpretation of the results is limited due to the observational nature of the case study.


A graph with two lines representing volunteers titled Total Plasma Testosterone. X-axis, range of 0-14, is time (days). Y-axis, range of 200-700, is ng/dL of Total Testosterone. Line 1 trends upwards and line 2 first dips then trends upwards.



A line graph with two lines titled Free Plasma Testosterone. X-axis is time (days) with a range of 0-28. Y-axis is a measurement in pg/mL of Free Testosterone, with a range of 30-70. Both lines, representing different volunteers, trend upwards.


Figures 1 and 2: In an observational case study conducted with two healthy male volunteers (57 and 58 years old), supplementation with TestoJack 300™ (2 capsules after breakfast for 4 weeks, NOW® product # 2202) resulted in support of already normal total and plasma testosterone.

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