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Sports Nutrition Safety & Testing

What’s in your sports nutrition supplements?

If you’re a competitive athlete then you know how difficult it can sometimes be to obtain pure, unadulterated sports nutrition supplements that offer full ingredient disclosure.

When your career and your success depend on knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body, full disclosure isn’t a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity.

When you need to know exactly what’s in your sports nutrition products, NOW® Sports has you covered.

Testing is the difference

In addition to using the best quality ingredients, we test, test, and then test again to ensure the identity, purity, quality and safety of our products. Very few companies have the facilities, instrumentation, and staff to test their products and ingredients in-house. At NOW we perform approximately 16,000 tests on a monthly basis, all of them in our own facilities using our own instrumentation and performed by our own technicians.

In addition to our own in-house testing, we also submit our products for third-party testing to provide an extra level of assurance.

We screen for adulterants and allergens

We’ve developed our own, cutting-edge testing method to screen for banned substances and illegal adulterants, including steroids, diet drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, and economic adulterants such as melamine, so you can rest easy knowing that every NOW® Sports product you pick up has been tested and verified to be free of adulterants.

With the prevalence of food sensitivities today, allergen control is essential. Our modern manufacturing facilities and equipment afford us the ability to avoid cross-contamination by allergens throughout the production process, and we test to ensure their absence.

The majority of our line is gluten free, but we do offer some formulations that contain gluten. These products are clearly identified on the label for the safety and convenience of individuals with gluten sensitivity.

In addition, we always offer full ingredient disclosure, one of the reasons NOW® Sports products have become popular with professional athletes. When the pros need to know what they’re putting in their bodies, they turn to NOW® Sports.

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