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Natural Guide to Women’s Health

NOW has partnered with Delicious Living Magazine, a trusted voice in the natural living community for more than 32 years, to develop a “Natural Guide to Women’s Health.” This comprehensive guide shares supplement, recipe and everyday lifestyle advice for every woman, featuring tips from respected wellness experts including Wendy Bazilian, DrPh, RD, and Mark Hyman, MD.

Topics covered in this insightful guide include:

  • Women’s Supplements Cheat Sheet
  • Nutrients to Help You Flourish in Each Phase of Life
  • How to Beat Stress and Energize Your Life
  • How to Balance Weight, Including Stay-Trim Weekday Meal Recipes
  • Top 5 Ways to Support Your Heart Health
  • The Breast-Health Diet
  • Nutrition Habits for Beautiful Skin
  • A Healthy (and Happy) Cycle

Whether you’re just starting your journey to better wellness or you’re in tip-top shape, you’re trying to get pregnant or just starting menopause, this guide has something for every woman who cares about her health.

Natural Guide to Women’s Health


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