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Guide to Women’s Wellness

Women are master multi-taskers and wear many hats – wives, mothers, caretakers, peace-makers, chefs, career builders, CEOs, fierce defenders of family and much more.

For all that women do, one thing that may get neglected is their own personal wellness. Unlike men, women have a vastly more complicated reproductive system, a constantly fluctuating hormonal environment, different cognitive health needs, and other differences that make a healthy diet and good nutrition very important.

In addition, the physiological changes a woman undergoes throughout her life necessitate a different nutritional strategy during key stages, including adolescence, young adulthood, child-bearing years, menopause, post-menopause and maturity.

A healthy diet can provide all the nutrients a woman needs to maintain good health throughout her life, but that may be easier said than done. Lifestyle choices and demands, health conditions, and other factors may necessitate greater intake of certain nutrients, especially at specific stages of life, and this is where dietary supplements can play a key role in a woman’s overall health strategy.

The topics covered in our Women’s Wellness guide include:

  • The Foundation of Health – Diet & Exercise
  • Optimal Nutrition for Wellness
  • Adapting Nutrition for Life Stages:
    • Adolescence
    • Young Adulthood
    • Child-Bearing Years
    • Menopause
    • Post-Menopause
    • Mature
  • Supplements for Every Stage

With more than 900 products, including women’s specialty formulas, NOW is your source for natural health products of the highest quality. Available at fine health food stores across the nation and online, NOW products are fuel for your healthy lifestyle.

Live happy, live healthy, live NOW!

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Guide to Women’s Wellness


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