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More About Women’s Health



Ever-changing needs

A woman’s health and wellness needs are guaranteed to do one thing throughout life – change. A young woman has different nutritional needs than a mature, post-menopausal woman or a woman who’s pregnant.

The physiological changes a woman undergoes throughout her life necessitate a different nutritional strategy at key points in life, including adolescence, young adulthood, child-bearing years, menopause, post-menopause and maturity.

Add in a complex reproductive system, a constantly changing hormonal environment, differing cognitive health needs and more, and it’s easy to see why a woman has distinct and varied nutritional needs.


Back to nature

In this new era of healthier living, more and more women are discovering the benefits of a natural and holistic lifestyle and improving their quality of life through good nutrition and regular exercise. They’re taking ownership of their health and educating themselves on the various natural products and vitamins for women available today that can help support their well-being throughout life.

  • Cranberry & Mannose – Forget diamonds, cranberries are a girl’s best friend. This is because they contain various natural bioactive components, including several distinct classes of flavonoids with free radical-neutralizing properties.* Cranberries also possess a naturally occuring simple sugar called  D-Mannose that helps maintaining healthy mucosal surfaces in the bladder and supports normal elimination of urine.* (other mannose products – Mannose Cranberry Veg Capsules, Cranberry Mannose + Probiotics, D-Mannose 500 mg)
  • Soy Isoflavones – Isoflavones are naturally occurring compounds found in many plants, with an especially high concentration found in soybeans. Soy isoflavones, have been shown in scientific studies to help maintain healthy cell cycles, promote normal cardiovascular function, support bone health and assist in maintaining female balance.*
  • Multivitamins – Complete nutrition is the best way to maintain good health and a good quality of life, and ideally we should obtain all the nutrients we need from our diet. Unfortunately many of us don’t eat balanced, nutritious meals, which is where a good multivitamin can help. Multivitamins aren’t an alternative to food. They’re a way for us to fill the gaps in our nutrient intake when our diet is less than perfect. Our Eve™ Multi (tablets, softgels, capsules) can help in this regard, and for pregnant women our Pre-Natal Gels + DHA eliminate the need for a separate DHA supplement.


The NOW® Difference

At NOW we understand the unique nutritional needs of women and how they change throughout life, and we offer a targeted line of women’s health supplements that support these changing needs.

Whether you’re seeking daily nutrition with multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formulas specifically made for women, or more specialized products with cutting-edge ingredients that can help support specific body systems, all of our women’s health formulas are produced with the same industry-leading commitment to quality you’ll find with every NOW® product.

If you’re looking for the best supplements for women, NOW has you covered.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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