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More About Sustaining Energy



Energizing your life

An active, healthy lifestyle requires at least one thing in abundance – energy. It’s what makes us, and the world, go round. In fact, energy is absolutely essential for our existence.

We obtain the energy we need from the fats, carbohydrates and protein obtained from food. After ingestion, these nutrients are converted to ATP (adenosine triphosphate), our body’s specialized form of chemical energy that powers almost everything we do. In addition, in order to make ATP and use the energy from food, certain key nutrients are required.

Ideally we get all the energy we need from a healthy, well-rounded diet. Regular exercise also plays a huge role in maintaining energy. But with less-than-perfect diets, sedentary lifestyles, high stress levels, exposure to pollutants and toxins, and other factors, many people are finding it harder and harder to maintain natural energy levels throughout the day. The vast number of energy products available today is a testament to our ongoing need for energy.

Natural energy

Most of the “energy” products available today contain caffeine or other substances that are stimulants. While they do a good job of providing an initial boost of energy, once they wear off you can be left feeling even more run-down than you did before taking them. This is because they do nothing to address the underlying causes for low energy, one of the biggest of which is poor nutrition.

When it comes to getting an energy boost, nutritional status can make or break you. If you’re not getting the nutrients you need from food, then your body, and many body systems, are lacking in the raw materials necessary to produce energy. And you’re dragging through each day wondering where your energy went.

Thankfully there are quite a few energy supplements available today that can help naturally boost your energy levels and support healthy, normal energy production when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

  • BCAA Blast – NOW® Sports BCAA Blast powder is a simple, yet effective pre-workout supplement that can help maximize output during workouts. Each serving blasts you with 5 g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to support muscle growth, retention, and recovery. These BCAAs are not blended with other amino acids. With 100 mg of natural caffeine per scoop, this thirst-quenching supplement assists in maintaining physical energy and focus during workouts, while supporting the body’s natural recovery processes. The electrolyte sodium is added to supplement and replenish what is lost during strenuous activity. It’s available in Tropical Punch or Natural Raspberry.
  • B-12 Energy Boost Sticks – Looking to jump-start your day or workout with a burst of energy? B-12 Energy Boost is a powerful blend of vitamin B-12 and nutrients supplying cellular energy production. With folate, taurine, and an energizing 10,000 mcg blast of vitamin B-12 and 50 mg of natural caffeine, this advanced energy formula will boost your day and keep you at the top of your game!
  • Energy Extreme – NOW® Sports Energy Extreme is formulated to supply the nutrients you need to promote sustained energy production and mental alertness. With a full complement of B vitamins and other cofactors such as chromium, magnesium malate, and carnitine, Energy Extreme delivers what your cells need most to drive energy production. This product also has tyrosine and iodine to support optimal thyroid function, plus a blend of herbal adaptogens to help your body cope with intense activity. Naturally occurring caffeine helps you stay alert and supports thermogenesis.
  • Instant Energy B-12 Packets – Vitamin B-12 Instant Energy Packets perfectly respond to the body’s demand for the right mix of cellular energy and mood-supporting nutrients. It combines three forms of B-12 for maximum utilization by the body. This perfectly balanced formula takes the guesswork out of staying well fueled by offering a mix of indispensable nutrients in one easy-to-use formula. With additional nutrients such as chromium, creatine, and six other B-vitamins, NOW® B-12 Instant Energy can give you the spark you need.
  • PQQ Energy – Mitochondria are the organelles that produce almost all of the cellular energy the body requires. While present in all cells, organs like the heart and brain are particularly dense with mitochondria due to their high energy demands. The pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) in PQQ Energy supplement is a B vitamin-like enzyme cofactor that helps to maintain the integrity of mitochondrial structures and promotes the generation of new mitochondria within cells. PQQ thus helps to maintain robust cellular energy production, support heart health, and promote normal cognitive function. CoQ10 and acetyl-L-carnitine have been included in PQQ Energy for their critical roles in mitochondrial function and energy production.

NOW® natural energy supplements

For more than 45 years NOW has been empowering people to lead healthier lives by providing dietary supplements and natural products of superior quality. Like all NOW products, our line of natural energy Supplements and Sports products are manufactured with premium natural ingredients and our commitment to superior quality.

With NOW supplements for energy you can power your life and live every day to the fullest!


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