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Exercise fuel

Question – what’s the one thing that derails more workouts than anything else? Lack of energy.

If you’re not refueling your body after your workouts then your cells aren’t going to be up for the challenge when your next workout comes around. What to do?

Hello D-Ribose!

Ribose is an essential building block of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate.  ATP is the “energy currency” molecule that is used within all cells. When the food you eat is broken down, the energy you obtain from it is converted to ATP within cells.

  • ATP fuels everything you do, and Ribose is critical for its production.
  • Ribose also forms part of the backbone of RNA (ribonucleic acid), molecules that act as vital information carriers (i.e., messenger RNA) and are also involved in protein synthesis.
  • Research suggests that Ribose may also supports healthy cardiovascular function; as the hardest working muscle in your body the heart requires constant energy to function properly.

How ribose works

During high-intensity workouts your muscles rapidly deplete ATP levels due to heightened energy demands. Your muscles also require more protein to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissues after your workout.

Not only do Ribose supplements replenish your energy levels far more quickly than diet alone, its presence in RNA supports protein synthesis, helping your muscles repair more quickly.

Hmmm, faster energy replenishment, heightened protein synthesis, AND cardiovascular support? Starting to see why Ribose is so popular with active individuals?

NOW Sports utilizes patented Bioenergy RIBOSE®, and we offer Ribose supplements in a variety of forms (Powder and 750 mg  Veg Capsules) and potencies.

We test all NOW® Sports products in our state-of-the-art, world-class laboratories so you can rest assured you’re always getting sports nutrition products that are safe, potent and highly efficacious.

So now that you’re foaming at the mouth to incorporate Ribose benefits into your fitness regimen, let’s find the best form and potency for you.

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