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Mannose FAQs



What is Mannose?

Technically known as D-mannose, this is a simple, six-carbon sugar. Mannose naturally occurs as a monosaccharide, or a simple sugar, in fruits such as blueberries and cranberries, as well as in other plants and fungi. NOW® Pure D-Mannose has a caloric value of four calories per gram, which is similar to other sugars.

Mannose exists in two forms, alpha and beta. The alpha form is mild and sweet, while the beta form is bitter. The natural manufacturing methods for mannose result in a mixture of these two forms, yielding a product that is mildly sweet with a slight bitter aftertaste.

How can a simple sugar like Mannose be good for me?

Studies suggest that mannose supports urinary tract health by helping to maintain the normally sterile conditions in the bladder. Mannose helps to maintain healthy mucosal surfaces in the bladder and supports normal elimination.

Does Mannose act like sucrose once digested?

Although mannose is a simple sugar and is absorbed in the upper gastrointestinal tract, it is absorbed at a slower rate than most sugars and is not readily converted to glycogen for storage. A substantial amount of mannose is absorbed into the bloodstream and, after passing through the kidneys and into the bladder, is excreted in urine.

How do you monitor the quality of your Mannose?

At NOW our mannose is carefully analyzed to determine its purity. This is to ensure there’s no dilution with other sugars, such as dextrose or sucrose. NOW specifies that our mannose will exceed 99% purity and taste mildly sweet with the slightest hint of a bitter aftertaste.

Does Mannose work like an antibiotic?

Mannose has no antibiotic properties and will not kill existing infections. If you have persistent burning and/or urgency symptoms, please seek professional medical evaluation to determine if these symptoms are caused a urinary tract infection.

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