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A Sweet Dedication to Sustainable Cocoa


NOW® is dedicated to identifying and utilizing responsibly sourced, sustainably farmed, and environmentally friendly ingredients whenever possible. That includes our high-quality cocoa products. Our Cocoa Lovers™ product line, including Cocoa Powder, Hot Cocoa, and Slender Hot Cocoa, is USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO as well as sustainably sourced from fair trade certified suppliers.

Is NOW’s cocoa responsibly sourced?

NOW works very closely with our ingredient suppliers, and we only source cocoa powder from the world’s finest cocoa processors.

Through dedication to the philosophies of the organizations listed below, all NOW suppliers have shown a commitment to eliminating the use of forced child labor, upholding proper working conditions, and providing sustainably grown cocoa products.

Our suppliers belong to and/or subscribe to the standards of some or all of the following organizations:

Why is the Fair Trade Certified logo not on these products?

Although our cocoa products are Fair Trade compliant, our cocoa products are not certified Fair Trade since the certification process would substantially increase the cost of our cocoa products. At NOW, we are committed to offering the highest quality products at affordable prices, and we do this by reducing unnecessary expenses where we can (without compromising quality) and then passing the savings on to our customers. In this instance, we save you money by not going through another round of certification (since we only buy from Fair Trade compliant cocoa suppliers).

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