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Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers FAQs

General Diffuser and Customer Tips

Essential oils can be corrosive so it’s important that the customer understands the importance of not letting the oils touch surfaces or the diffuser.  They should wash their hands before they touch the unit, furniture, or adapter.

All of our units’ water tanks are made of oil-resistant PP (polymer polypropylene) plastic and are BPA free.

All NOW diffusers are in RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting

Why is my diffuser not misting?

  • Water is incorrect temperature (too cold). Only lukewarm water should be used in ultrasonic units.  If the water is too cold the unit will not work until the water warms.
  • Using distilled or purified water. Minerals play a key role in helping water turn into vapor. Our units are designed to work with just tap water as a result.
  • Unit needs to be cleaned as oil residue is clogging the ceramic disc. To clean, simply wipe down the unit with warm water and a soft cloth.  A cotton swab dipped in alcohol (for deep cleaning only) can be used to break up the oil on the disc.

Why are the lights blinking on my diffuser?

  • The unit needs water. Add more water to the unit up to or slightly below the fill line. Unit will not run without water.
  • Ceramic disc needs to be cleaned. A cotton swab dipped in alcohol (for deep cleaning only) should be used to break up the oils. A cotton swab dipped in warm water will work for regular cleaning sessions.
  • Water may have come into contact with the circuit board, causing a malfunction. Unit will have to be replaced.

Will my diffuser run even though it is empty?

  • Each of our diffusers has a sensor which automatically turns the diffuser off when the unit is out of water. See instructions in your manual on how to clean the sensor area if the unit remains on even though it has no water.

Should water collect on the vapor insert, lid nozzle or cover?

  • Condensation is a normal occurrence while the unit is misting. Remove cover and vapor insert and allow the unit to completely dry between uses.

Why is water splashing out of the top or puddling at the bottom of the unit?

  • Vapor insert is upside down or missing. Flip the vapor insert right side up or request a new one if missing. (Directional nozzle might be missing as well).
    NOTE: Some units have the vapor insert directly attached to the cover. Repositioning and making sure it’s in place may resolve the above issue as well.

Is it normal for my diffuser to wobble?

  • There may be missing feet on the base of the unit. Check the base of the unit to ensure that all rubber feet are intact.

Should I be concerned about a mildew smell?

  • Yes, the lid needs to be cleaned. Clean lid by wiping down with warm water and a soft cloth.

Mist is coming out of the side of the unit.

  • Remove the lid and place it back on the base, pressing firmly and making sure that the sides are sealed.

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