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Sourcing High-Quality Ingredients From Around the World


From NOW CEO Jim Emme: “We’re focusing on developing direct sourcing relationships with supply manufacturers around the world, so we have more control over quality before the ingredients arrive at our facilities and undergo quality assurance testing.”

Where do NOW ingredients come from?

We source ingredients from all around the world, based on the highest quality and best value available. Rest assured, NOW controls the quality of the raw material that we use regardless of the country it comes from. We have found that country of origin is not a reliable gauge of quality or safety. Rigorous testing can eliminate any tainted sources regardless of where they came from. We rely on the tried and true method: rigorous screening and auditing of suppliers, followed by extensive identity and safety testing of the raw material per our own strict specifications. For example, we routinely test for not only identity but also for purity, heavy metals, pesticides/agricultural chemicals, and possible adulterants including pharmaceuticals. Controlling our supply chain by these means is far more reliable than simply generalizing about a country or countries without any data on the actual supplier, its certifications/audits, or test results on its materials.

Does NOW exclude ingredients from any specific countries?

In order to avoid ingredients from a specific country, such as China, one would eliminate virtually all of the world’s supply of certain vitamins, such as vitamin C and many of the B vitamins. These include some of the exact same vitamins used in food fortification, which frequently come from Chinese sources and which we all likely consume daily in packaged foods. It is unlikely that we can avoid them completely, nor is it necessary. In the end it makes no difference where our suppliers are located as the qualification process is the same. We rely on rigorous audits by highly knowledgeable people to assess the capabilities and compliance of our suppliers. Then, we validate the effectiveness of their quality systems through testing before adding them to our approved supplier list – so that our purchasing team can procure raw materials from them. Our ingredients, regardless of country of origin, have been thoroughly monitored for quality and safety, and we don’t compromise on either.

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