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NOW® Wins NutraIngredients-USA Editors Award


NOW® Wins NutraIngredients-USA Editors Award

NOW® Wins NutraIngredients-USA Editors Award

Industry Initiative of The Year for Publicizing Quality Concerns About Supplements Purchased On Amazon

Bloomingdale, IL (July 15, 2021) NOW® was honored with the NutraIngredients-USA Editors Award for Industry Initiative of the Year for shining a light on quality problems with some supplements sold on Amazon. The NutraIngredients-USA Awards, which honor the best and brightest in ingredients, finished products, companies, people, and initiatives in the nutrition and dietary supplements industry, were announced in a virtual ceremony on June 13, 2021.

It’s common industry knowledge that “no-name” supplements sold on Amazon are low quality, and lack FDA compliance while taking sales from companies invested in quality and regulatory compliance. Results of NOW’s systematic testing of select high-value products on Amazon received widespread trade media coverage, and other organizations began investigations. At the end of 2020, Amazon announced strict new requirements for supplement sellers and fine-tuned them with industry feedback. While Amazon has not stated that NOW’s exposé was the impetus, the timing suggests a correlation.

“Amazon’s recently introduced quality specifications for dietary supplements were one of the biggest developments in the industry over the past 12 months, and it is, we believe, related to the selfless work of NOW assessing the quality of various dietary supplement products on the platform, and then having the courage to share those concerns with the wider industry, said Stephen Daniells, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of NutraIngredients-USA. “NOW’s unerring commitment to doing the right thing has helped to drive change for the dietary supplements industry, and we are delighted to recognize their efforts with the NutraIngredients-USA Editors’ Award for Industry Initiative of the Year.”

“NOW is honored to receive this recognition from NutraIngredients-USA for our testing work on low-quality supplements sold on Amazon,” Dan Richard, NOW’s VP of Global Sales & Marketing, said.  “We believe we did the right thing by testing and publicly reporting both internal and independent results. We believe this effort did lead to Amazon developing a quality program to address this ongoing problem. NOW will continue to test and publicly report on more suspicious products on Amazon because the problem has not ended. The same brands that badly failed potency testing in 2020 continue to be sold, and often as “sponsored” or even “Amazon’s Choice” listings. NOW aims to help our industry’s overwhelming honest and trustworthy brands by helping to remove bad actors, and this award helps us keep attention on the issue.”

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Founded by Elwood Richard in 1968 on the belief that natural is better, NOW has grown from a small family operation into one of the most highly respected manufacturers in the natural products industry. Still a family-owned company today, NOW provides customers with a comprehensive approach to wellness by offering more than 1,400 dietary supplements, functional foods, sports nutrition and health and beauty products. NOW is committed to offering safe, affordable products of the highest quality, and is a highly regarded advocate in the natural products industry. After more than 50 years in the natural products industry, NOW remains committed to its original mission ““ to provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.


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