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Phase 2® FAQs

What is Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer?

Phase 2® is a natural, non-stimulant, nutritional ingredient that’s derived from the white kidney bean. It is the first nutritional ingredient that has been clinically and scientifically shown to neutralize starch found in common foods such as potatoes, breads, pasta, rice, corn and many other foods. Phase 2® is a safe yet powerful nutritional ingredient, clinically studied for its role in reducing the absorption of starch calories. Phase 2® helps you to enjoy those foods that you love and to participate in special meals containing quantities of starches in excess of your nutritional goals.

What role do starchy foods play in weight management?

During the digestive process, your body converts carbohydrates found in starchy foods (such as potatoes and pasta) into sugars. It digests these starchy carbohydrates with alpha-amylase, an enzyme that is produced by the pancreas. These sugar calories are then used by the body for fuel, with the excess sugar stored for future use, often as fat. Unfortunately, an imbalance between calories eaten and calories burned means that these stored fat supplies can accumulate in the body.

When should I take Phase 2®?

Recent research has shown the most optimum time to take Phase 2® is just before a starch-rich meal, along with 8 oz. of water. However, the studies also showed that Phase 2® could still provide some of its starch neutralizing benefits when taken during, or just after, a starchy meal.* One study showed that Phase 2® is also effective if the capsules are opened and the contents sprinkled right onto food.

Does Phase 2® cause any toxic side effects?

A dose equivalent to 74 grams taken daily for 90 days by a 165 lb. person showed no signs of toxicity. Pharmachem Laboratories Inc., announced that a Chronic Toxicity Study (LD50) demonstrated that Phase 2® Starch Neutralizer®, the first standardized white bean extract used in a variety of healthy weight management supplements, is safe and non-toxic.* “Phase 2® showed no signs of chronic toxicity at doses up to 1.0 gm per kg of body weight for up to 90 days,” said Ramadasan Kuttan, Ph.D., director, Amala Cancer Research Center, Thrissur, India, who conducted the study along with R. C. Srimal, M.D. “The data indicates that administration of Phase 2® for 90 days did not produce any adverse reaction…” (as determined from a number of different measurements, such as organ weight, necropsy, hematological and biochemical values).

Are there any human studies that support Phase 2® efficacy?

Yes. Human studies indicate that this natural compound has the ability to inhibit starches found in foods from being broken down to simple sugar. This amylase-inhibiting effect causes most starches to pass through the GI tract undigested, thus causing a smaller increase in blood glucose levels within 15 to 80 minutes following the intake of starchy foods.

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