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Palm Oil and Sustainability


Concerns regarding palm oil

Palm oil is one of the most widely used ingredients in the world. You’ll find it in everything from food products to cosmetics and much more. Due to the widespread use of palm oil in commercial products, concerns about the long-term environmental impact of deforestation have rightfully grown.

At NOW some of the products we offer contain naturally derived palm oil. We’re aware of and understand the concerns regarding the destruction of tropical rainforests around the world. We’ve researched our palm oil suppliers, and have verified that they use only palm oil derived from cultivations that are over 20 years old, and not from recently cleared tropical rainforests. Our palm oil does not come from Indonesia, where deforestation is rampant.

Sustainably sourced palm oil

Palm oil isn’t widely used in NOW products, so our use and environmental impact is minimal. We have no plans to significantly increase our use of palm oils.

In the same way that we’re concerned about our own health, we’re also concerned about the health of our planet. NOW works with all of our ingredient suppliers to ensure that the methods they use are fair and ethical as they source natural products from the planet we all share.

Learn more about NOW’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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