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More About Whole Herbs



Whole-some goodness

For hundreds of years we’ve been using whole herbs to support health and well-being. In their whole, raw forms, many herbs are naturally teeming with phytonutrients that work together to bring about both specific beneficial effects and overall well-being.

Whole herbs differ from standardized extracts in that their natural nutrients, taken as a whole, have a generalized effect on the body.  In addition, the ratios of their constituents are in their native states.

NOW® whole herbs

At NOW we’re big believers in the power of whole herbs, which is why we offer a great selection of the most popular and effective whole herb supplements. You’ll find staples such as Dandelion, Echinacea, Goldenseal, and Oregano alongside more specialized and unique herbs such as Dong Quai, Eyebright, Fo-Ti, Pau D’ Arco and Yucca. We choose to offer potencies that match those used in studies, and we test exhaustively to ensure identity, purity and quality.

The NOW® Difference

NOW has been manufacturing herbal supplements since 1968, so over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about herbal products. We use well-established, reputable sources for our raw materials, and our state-of-the-art in-house laboratories afford us unparalleled control over quality and purity. We use trademarked ingredients in certain formulations and offer a number of standardized products as well.

For natural herbs and the best herbal supplements, NOW is the easy choice.

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