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More About Resveratrol


Plant protector

Similar to many animals, plants have their own innate defense mechanisms that help them respond appropriately to injury and disease, as well as attacks by microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi. Like our own immune system, a plant that’s hurt or sick will release specific substances to combat the problem. For us these substances are various immune system cells with specialized functions. For some plants, one of the most effective of these substances is called resveratrol. When it comes to plant protection, it’s tough to beat.

What is resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a naturally produced phytochemical known as a stilbenoid, which is a type of phenol found in many plants and the skin of certain fruits. It also serves as a phytoalexin, a type of defensive phytochemical a plant produces as a rapid response to injury or infection.

Resveratrol was relatively obscure until the mid-1990s, when researchers were exploring what was then known as “the French paradox”. The typical French diet is high in fat, yet the incidence of cardiovascular issues among the French is very low. Some scientists suggested that their penchant for red wine with meals, and specifically the resveratrol content of red wine, might be responsible for the perceived cardiovascular benefits.

While resveratrol is present in red wine, don’t increase your wine intake. The amounts found in wine vary greatly, and resveratrol is typically not present in high enough quantities to afford any health benefit. A resveratrol supplement is the best way to obtain sufficient levels of this nutrient.

What are resveratrol’s benefits?

Research in humans has shown that resveratrol can help to support healthy cardiovascular function, but it’s better known for its cellular anti-aging properties and its ability to promote a healthy response to normal biological stress.

The NOW® Difference

NOW Resveratrol is available in vegetable capsules. We offer a 50 mg product that includes a comprehensive blend of polyphenols and other naturally occurring substances that together promote healthy cardiovascular function.

And like all NOW products, our resveratrol supplements are manufactured with the same industry-leading attention to quality that’s made NOW one of the industry’s most popular brands.

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