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More About Probiotics



Bacteria for health

When we think of bacteria there’s usually one word that comes to mind – yuck! But this huge group of microorganisms isn’t all bad. You actually have trillions of bacteria in your body at any given time, most of them beneficial. In fact, our bodies are home to approximately ten times more bacterial cells than human cells!

These beneficial bacteria live both inside and outside of our bodies. Outside, the majority of bacteria are found on our skin. Inside, the bulk of beneficial bacteria is found in our intestinal tract, also referred to as the human gut.


How probiotics help

Probiotics are awesome. They perform a number of incredibly important functions:

  • Majority rules – Through sheer numbers probiotic bacteria make it difficult for bad bacteria to gain a foothold in your digestive tract. If these bad bacteria do get a chance to establish themselves, they can cause all kinds of problems, so it’s a good idea to maintain a healthy majority of beneficial bacteria.
  • Nutrient absorption – Not only do probiotic organisms assist with the digestion and utilization of nutrients, they can also synthesize some nutrients, such as B vitamins and vitamin K. They also aid the absorption of calcium, which is important for bone health, among other things.
  • Immunity boost – There’s mounting evidence that probiotics also support normal immune system function by modulating the activity of specific immune system cells, maintaining normal barrier function, as well as through other aspects of immune function. They also play a role in protecting the delicate tissue of the gut, where a lot of immunological activity takes place.
  • Elimination of waste – In addition to helping our body get what it needs, probiotics also help our body get rid of what it doesn’t need, such as metabolic waste materials that are a normal byproduct of metabolism.
  • Reinforcements – Over the course of our lifetime a number of factors can affect the balance of bacteria in our gut, and not always for the better. A good probiotic formula can help to quickly replenish vital gut microflora during travel or other stressful situations and help to maintain normal digestive function.

In addition to natural probiotics you can also find “prebiotics”, which are substances that serve as food for probiotics, helping these beneficial organisms to survive and multiply. Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that are sustenance for beneficial bacteria; they’re basically functional foods for our microscopic friends. Some of our best probiotic supplements include prebiotics for additional support.

The NOW® Difference

NOW has your probiotic supplement needs covered. Our Science group stays abreast of the latest advances in probiotic research, and we incorporate the latest research into our formulations to ensure you’re getting a modern formula that’s guaranteed to be potent and effective through the “Best By” date.

We offer probiotic supplements in a variety of forms for your convenience, including capsules, vegetable capsules, chewable lozenges, powders, and packets. We also offer several different potencies ranging from 2.5 billion up to 100 billion dosages.

Best of all, our probiotic products are made with the same unwavering commitment to quality found in all NOW products.

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Probiotic & Gut Health Product Finder

Use this helpful guide to find digestive products just right for you.

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