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More About Grape Seed Extract


Great grapes of health

From raisins to wine and everything in between, there’s a lot to love about grapes. Juicy and delicious, they’re an excellent addition to any diet. Grapes truly belong in the “superfood” category along with other green superfoods due to the wealth of nutrients and natural compounds they possess.

The skin, flesh and seeds of grapes are all sources of important nutrients. The skin of red grapes has resveratrol, a powerful free radical scavenger that helps protect us from oxidative damage, which contributes to normal aging. The flesh has vitamins, minerals, and other naturally occurring nutrients. And grape seeds possess a number of powerful free radical-scavenging compounds including vitamin E, linoleic acid, various flavonoids and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

What is grape seed extract?

NOW® Grape Seed Extract is a highly concentrated natural extract with a minimum of 90% polyphenols, including oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), which are the potent water-soluble free radical scavenging compounds found in grape seeds.

What are grape seed extract’s benefits?

A growing body of research indicates that OPCs from grape seeds may help to support the health of vascular, bone, kidney, brain and other tissues by supporting a healthy, balanced immune response to oxidative and metabolic stress.

NOW® grape seed extract

These days it’s almost impossible to avoid some sort of daily exposure to environmental pollutants, chemicals and other substances that can generate free radicals in our body. Even the simple act of breathing generates these harmful rogue molecules. But you can help minimize their impact on your body and your health with quality free radical scavengers, including Grape Seed Extract products, from NOW.

We offer Grape Seed Extract supplements in 100 and 250 mg strengths, and these formulas include complementary ingredients such as bioflavonoids, calcium ascorbate, rutin and amla to support the free radical-scavenging capabilities of grape seed extract.

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