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FAQs Regarding Use of Essential Oils for Children


Are essential oils safe for use around and on children?

Just like adults, children can benefit from Essential Oils through use in a diffuser or properly diluted topical application. However, caution should be used since essential oils naturally are heavily concentrated. Children may have unknown allergies that will make use of certain essential oils off-limits for them, even essential oils that may be deemed generally safe for children of their age. That being said, you should always exercise caution when introducing children to essential oils. When in doubt, get it approved by a licensed practitioner before use. Please consult an essential oil book or other professional reference source for suggested dilution ratios. Also note that some essential oils can make the skin more sensitive in the sun and should not be used outdoors.

As an added safety precaution, we’ve transitioned all our essential oils to Child Resistant Caps!




Can children ingest NOW® essential oils?

NOW® essential oils are intended solely for use as diffusion products; they are not intended for internal use as they are highly concentrated and because of labeling restrictions (see Food Grade FAQ’s for more information). Take care to store the essential oils out of reach of small children; as the oils do smell very good, they may be tempted to ingest.

Is there a difference between topical application dilution and ratios for diffusing?

Dilution ratios for children for both diffusion and topical application are much lower than those for adults, as children are more susceptible to the effects of some essential oils. In general, using a properly diluted essential oil on an adult first and letting the child get used to it through skin contact is a good place to start. When using a diffuser, make sure the room is well ventilated and begin with the minimum number of essential oil drops. You can gradually work your way up to creating a proper dilution in a carrier oil for topical applications ─ anywhere from 0.1 – 2%, depending on their age (once you are certain that your child has no allergies to that particular oil). Caution should always be exercised when combining oils to ensure the proper ratio of essential oil to carrier oil for topical applications or water to oil in a diffuser.

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