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Facial Zones





Zone 1 – T-Zone, Forehead: As the T-zone’s largest region, the forehead can expose many of the most common facial imperfections. Oil and dirt build-up can lead to breakouts, while smiling, squinting, and other expressions gradually form wrinkles and creases. The rate at which this occurs is largely determined by the nature and frequency of care.

Zone 2 – T-Zone, Bridge: The area directly in-between the eyebrows is notorious for breakouts and the formation of the dreaded “11’s”. These lines range in severity from fine to deep, and are the result of facial expressions, such as squinting. Left untreated, they can deepen and intensify over time.

Zone 3 and 4 – T-Zone, Eyes: The area around the eyes is among the most delicate within the T-zone. This area dehydrates easily, which can result in wrinkles, age lines, and crows feet. Over time, neglecting the needs of this area can further lead to sagging, redness, and a tired, puffy appearance.

Zone 5 – T-Zone, Nose: Oil and clogged pores occur routinely within this T-zone trouble spot. Years of rubbing and blowing one’s nose can cause the capillaries that line the sides of nasal folds to break. Pore size is established on the nose and measured outwards to determine skin type.

Zone 6 and 7 – Cheeks:  The cheeks are an equally large region of the face, and therefore vulnerable to a host of imperfections. Acne and oil build-up are common, and serve as telltale signs of hormonal flux. If not properly treated, irritation, pore variation, and broken capillaries can occur more frequently.

Zone 8 – T-Zone, Chin: Clogged pores and breakouts are highly visible near the chin, and may be amplified when certain cosmetics are used regularly. Smokers are especially vulnerable to Zone 8 challenges, as this commonly results in the contraction of blood vessels. Restricted circulation can leave the chin dull, lifeless and prone to accelerated aging.

Zone 9 – Neck, Collar: The neck is one of the most inadvertently neglected areas. Despite this, the neck has needs that are in line with other regions of the face. When not properly cared for, the skin of the neck can sag and wrinkle over time.

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