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TerraCycle® Recycles the Non-recyclable



At NOW® we actively seek to use recyclable packaging materials for our products whenever possible. But recyclable materials aren’t always available or feasible for certain products. In the past, non-recyclable packaging would simply end up in the trash. Not anymore.

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Founded in 2001, Terracycle® is an innovative, U.S.-based recycling company that recycles non-recyclable and hard-to-recycle materials, keeping these materials out of landfills and incinerators. The company collects and recycles almost any form of waste, and works with individual consumers as well as manufacturers, retailers, small businesses and municipalities.

How the NOW® Recycling Program works

It’s really easy!

  1. Go to, sign in, and print your free shipping label for NOW’s Recycling Program.
  2. Ship your box of empty NOW toothpaste tubes, personal care tubes, food/supplement pouches, and food/supplement sticks (see the list of all NOW products that are part of the program).
  3. TerraCycle receives the package at one of their local warehouses and checks it in.
  4. The contents of your package are combined with other, similar materials for processing.
  5. TerraCycle and their strategic partners process individual waste materials into a new usable material new format.
  6. This new material is used to create new finished goods.


several NOW Terra cycle products with orange green and silver labels

Consumers can collect for any of our NOW flexible packaging, which includes toothpaste tubes, personal care tubes, food/supplement pouches, and food/supplement sticks. As an added bonus, for every pound of NOW flexible packaging that TerraCycle receives, participants earn $1 that can be donated to their favorite non-profit organization or school. So the more you recycle, the more your favorite charity or school can earn!

Visit TerraCycle’s website to register for a free account and to print out free shipping labels.

NOW® is proud to partner with TerraCycle to recycle our flexible packaging. The NOW® Recycling Program will help reduce the amount of flexible packaging that ends up in landfills. Even better, in addition to helping the environment, recycling with TerraCycle can be turned into a fund-raising event for a school or charity!


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