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Vanilla Espresso Hot Cocoa

Servings: 2


3 cups unsweetened oat milk, divided
⅓ cup prepared espresso
2 tablespoons Carob Powder, Dry Roasted
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
20 drops Monk Fruit Vanilla Liquid, Organic

A heartwarming mug of cocoa goes just as good with a summer bonfire at the beach as it does with a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night, especially when you cut the sugar and use NOW® Real Food Organic Liquid Monk Fruit instead. This recipe, with added espresso, gives you a bonus energy boost! We love it with oat milk but feel free to use the non-dairy or dairy beverage of your choice.

NOW® Real Food Organic Monk Fruit is 30x sweeter than sugar and is a fantastic zero calorie alternative in beverages, baking and on-the-go sweetening.


  1. In a pot over medium heat, combine 2⅓ cups oat milk, espresso, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and NOW Real Food Vanilla Liquid Monk Fruit. Whisk constantly for 2 minutes, until combined and hot.
  2. Pour into mugs. Froth remaining ⅔ cup oat milk in a milk frother or blender, and add on top.



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