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Mushroom Lemon Chicken

Servings: Serves 4


¼ cup Gluten-Free Flour
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
½ teaspoon dried oregano
4 skinless boneless chicken breast, halves
½ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic
1 cup sliced mushrooms
¾ cup chicken stock
4 drops BetterStevia® Liquid, Lemon Twist

Tonight’s simple and hearty meal combines chicken, mushrooms and lemon with spices and some extra sweetness thanks to our BetterStevia® Lemon Twist Liquid. This super-easy recipe is ideal for those busy weeknights when something quick, healthy and delicious is called for.


  1. Mix each of the ingredients in a small glass measuring cup or bowl. Using a spout or a small funnel, pour mixture into your clean, empty dropper bottle.
  2. Tightly adhere your dropper cap to the bottle and then swirl the ingredients together

To Use: Massage 2 or 3 drops into your nails and cuticles. This solution will help improve the appearance of your nails and cuticles.


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