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Cucumber Melon Fizz

Servings: 4


1 English cucumber
3 cups cantaloupe, plus more for garnish
Ice to fill serving glasses
2 cups sparkling water
Fresh mint for garnish

A fantastic healthy refresher for any summer gathering, this cucumber and melon flavored sparkling water hits the spot when it’s hot. And with no added sugar, you won’t believe how great this recipe is with NOW® Real Food Organic Liquid Monk Fruit to sweeten it. Whether you want a special break with pumped up water or are looking for a new mocktail to try, look no further than this naturally sweetened cucumber melon fizz!

NOW® Real Food Organic Monk Fruit is 30x sweeter than sugar and is a fantastic zero calorie alternative in beverages, baking and on-the-go sweetening.


  1. Slice cucumber in half. Cut half into slices and set aside. Peel other half and add to a blender, discarding peels.
  2. Add cantaloupe into blender and blend until smooth. Strain into a pitcher and mix in NOW Real Food Organic Liquid Monk Fruit.
  3. Fill glasses with ice, pour juice halfway, and top off with sparkling water. Garnish with cucumber slices, cantaloupe, and fresh mint.



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