Superior Manufacturing

NOW paves the way for industry-leading manufacturing standards of dietary supplements and natural products. We control our manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring that every step of the product journey meets our stringent standards for quality and safety, while at the same time fostering a dedication to environmental sustainability.


Our Manufacturing Process

We go to great lengths to ensure that quality is prioritized throughout the manufacturing process.

NOW’s GMP Dietary Supplement Program Report

We have an outstanding record when it comes to meeting FDA requirements for natural product manufacturing.

How Packaging Contributes to Product Quality

We stock over 200 packaging components, ranging from plastic resin bottles, films, fiber canisters, glass bottles, and more.

NOW Achieves Intertek Certification

NOW is audited and certified by Intertek as having met the Supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative (SSCI) benchmarks.

How We Guarantee Freshness

We recognize the importance of protecting natural products from potential damaging oxidative effects.

Excipients: Functional Ingredients You May Not Know About

Our use of excipients is governed with extreme caution and is limited in acceptable amounts.


Our adherence to manufacturing GMPs, our insistence on choosing only the best ingredients, and our commitment to testing and safety are what set us apart.

Manufacturing GMPs