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Organic Flax Seed Oil



Care is taken to provide the finest Flax Seed Oil available. NOW’s Flax Oil is non-GE, expeller-pressed, and unrefined. Expeller Pression is a type of Cold Pression. The temperature during pressing is 106 degrees F. This low temperature process assures a quality oil that is rich in natural undenatured fatty acids.

Flax Oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, principally a-Linolenic acid. Our oil is tested to contain between 55 to 65% of this valuable fatty acid.

The organically grown Flax seeds are processed initially by screening for weeds, stalk, etc. Then the oil is extracted by Cold Expeller Pressing/crushing. Filtration is the next process, and finally antioxidants are added to prevent oxidative rancidity. The antioxidants we add are: Rosemary Extract, vegetable oil and ascorbic acid.

The processing method assures an oil of high quality with a characteristic nutty taste and odor, and a transparent, medium-yellow color. Refrigeration is required after the product is opened. Flax Seed Oil has a shelf life of about one year. Enjoy this premium oil.

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