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More About Selenium



What is selenium?

Selenium is a trace element and a crucial nutrient for the body’s antioxidant enzyme systems. It’s essential for the production of the cellular enzyme, glutathione. Glutathione protects cells against oxidative stress and is important for the function of the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms. Selenium is also important for optimal endocrine and immune system function and has been recognized for its role in prostate, colon, and lung health.

In addition, it’s a component of more than 25 different proteins, called selenoproteins, which are necessary for a wide array of important physiological processes, including DNA synthesis and reproductive health.

Selenium is naturally found in organ meats, Brazil nuts, seafood, wheat germ, and other foods. In dietary supplements you’ll typically find selenium in the form of selenomethionine, or as selenium-enriched yeast. Selenomethionine and selenium-yeast are safer, more stable, and more bioavailable than inorganic forms of selenium (e.g., selenite). Studies have shown that our bodies can absorb more than 90% of selenomethionine. NOW also utilizes selenium glycinate, another highly bioavailable form of selenium.


NOW® selenium

Due to its importance for our health and well-being you’ll find selenium incorporated into many of our multivitamin formulations, as well as certain combination supplements. In addition we offer selenium supplements in both 100 mcg and 200 mcg dosages, both of which are free of yeast.

We offer a broad range of mineral supplements, including selenium, in vegetable capsules and tablets, and every mineral supplement we produce is tested for quality, purity, potency and safety.

With NOW’s superior quality the choice for your selenium supplement needs is an easy one. Now let’s find the best formula for your nutrition needs.

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