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More About Nutritional Diet Support


Diet support supplements for a healthy body composition

With an estimated 70% of Americans classified as overweight, there has been no shortage of ineffective fad diets and trendy products. But after years of commercials, infomercials and celebrity endorsements, you may have noticed a new trend. They’re slowly but surely fading away.


Because people are finally wising up and realizing there is no “magic bullet” when it comes to weight control and a healthy body composition.  What they are doing is heading back to the gym and eating healthier, the only two sure-fire ways to maintain a healthy body weight.

But for some of us, even with the healthiest of diets and the strictest of workout regimens, we can still find ourselves falling short of our ideal body composition goals.  Sometimes you just need a little extra help, and that’s where dietary supplements can make a difference.

Weight Management Supplements

NOW® Sports diet support products have been chosen and formulated to provide specific weight management benefits:

  • Fat-burning supplements that support your body’s natural thermogenic processes.
  • Supplements that help your body metabolize fat for energy, which can help you feel energized and therefore promote the duration and effectiveness of your workouts.
  • Alternative sources of fatty acids that are readily used for energy instead of being stored as fat.
  • Natural weight loss supplements that provide key nutrients necessary for normal, healthy metabolism.

If you’re dedicated to managing your body weight and composition through regular exercise and a healthy diet and are looking to maximize your results, check out our great line-up of healthy diet support supplements.

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