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More About Lemon Oil



When it comes to clean, fresh, invigorating scents, it’s hard to beat the lemon.  And while its complex sweet-and-sour flavor has puckered the mouths of children for generations, that same flavor is a delightful and complex addition to a gazillion different dishes that are enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

Lemon oil uses

Like many essential oils, lemon oil has a wide variety of uses in addition to aromatherapy-

  • Add a few drops of lemon oil to a spray bottle of water for a surface cleanser that also helps to sanitize.
  • A few drops of full-strength lemon oil (used carefully) can cut through grease, oil, grime, and even gum.
  • Is your refrigerator in need of freshening? Try a couple of drops of lemon oil (or your favorite citrus oil) on a cotton ball placed at the back of the fridge to reduce or eliminate stale odors.
  • Speaking of freshening the air, putting a drop or two of lemon oil on your home air filter or your vacuum’s air filter is an easy and effective way to keep your home smelling fresh.

NOW® Solutions lemon essential oil can brighten any room with its fresh, lively scent. Both our pure lemon oil and our organic lemon oil are cold pressed from fresh fruit peel and blend well with other citrus oils.

Lemon aromatherapy is refreshing, cheerful and uplifting. And with NOW® Solutions’ focus on quality and purity you’ll always get the best quality lemon oil.

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