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More About Citronella Oil



Citronella: A fresh aroma that keeps pests away

As you may have guessed from the ‘citron’ in its name, citronella is a citrusy oil derived from Citronella grass, which has a sweet, lemony flavor and aroma.

Citronella grass, and its cousin Lemongrass, both yield a wonderfully pungent and sweet oil that insects, particularly mosquitos, find abhorrent.

Too bad for them, as citronella oil is a delightful aroma and flavor for almost everyone else…

  • Citronella oil is a popular ingredient in many perfumes and fragrances, and is often used in soaps, fragrant candles and potpourris.
  • Because of its refreshing and invigorating lemon aroma, citronella oil is a common ingredient in many natural cleaning products.

Our Pure Citronella Essential Oil is a great way to bring the aroma of summer into your home any time of the year. Pure citronella oil has a lemony-citrus aroma with grassy undertones that mixes well with other citrus oils.

Citronella aromatherapy is invigorating, clarifying and purifying. And with our unwavering commitment to quality throughout the manufacturing process you can rest assured you’re getting premium citronella oil.

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