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Calcium (MCHC/MCHA) FAQs

What is MCHC/MCHA?

MCHA and MCHC are abbreviations for microcrystalline hydroxyapatite and microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate, respectively. You’ll find these terms used interchangeably, but both typically refer to the concentrate form. For the purposes of this FAQ we’ll use MCHC.

MCHC is a whole-bone concentrate from a natural source (typically bovine) that contains naturally occurring calcium as well as a variety of other bone-supporting minerals naturally found in bone tissue, such as magnesium and phosphorous. MCHC also has specialized nutrients such as osteocalcin (a calcium-binding protein), collagen, and various growth factors such as IGF-I and IGF-II.

Compared to other forms of calcium, MCHC has shown better bioavailability and absorption in numerous studies.

Where does the microcrystalline hydroxyapatite calcium in NOW® Bone Strength and Bone Calcium products come from?

The microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA or MCHC) calcium used in our products (including our Bone Strength and Bone Calcium formulas) is from an Australian source and is tested for heavy metals.

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