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“Best By” Date FAQs



What is the “Best By” date that is printed on all NOW Foods’ dietary supplements?

The Best By date refers to the date recommended that you use the product by for best physical and/or sensory quality. It is not an expiration date, but rather the date by which NOW Foods recommends consumption.

If a product is past the Best By date, does this mean that I shouldn’t consume the product?

Not necessarily. Although the product is past our recommended consumption date, if it still maintains good sensory and quality characteristics, you may decide to continue consumption. Your decision should depend on several factors, including how the product has been stored in your home and whether or not the product is discolored, rancid, or noticeably changed. For example, if the product was refrigerated, or kept in a cool dry place, and looks and smells normal this may allow for consumption after the Best Buy date. If any signs of degradation are evident it’s best to discard the product.

How should I best store my products?

Always refer to the product label first for any special storage conditions. Generally speaking, dietary supplements are foods and should be stored like foods. Cool, dry conditions are best; and refrigeration can extend product life. Hot and/or humid conditions, such as those found in bathrooms and kitchens, may shorten product life.

What if I open and close the bottle?

The Best By date takes into account normal daily usage. Recommended best practices are to open the bottle, remove the exact amount of product you wish to consume, and then close the lid tightly. If consuming the product more than once a day, try to remove the total amount needed for the day at one time. Make sure to tightly close the lid after each use.

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