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Bee Products


Nature’s Pollinators

When we think of bees we naturally think of yummy honey and the industrious buzzing that heralds their presence. But bees do much more than just make honey and noise (in fact, only a few species of bee actually produce honey).

They’re some of nature’s best pollinators, gathering pollen and nectar from various plants and botanicals and carrying them to others. Bees play an extremely important role in the health of ecosystems worldwide.

In addition to being used for pollination, the pollen and nectar that bees collect is also brought back to the hive and used for a variety of purposes, including food for the main bee population and a specialized food just for the queen and all larvae called royal jelly.

Pollen, nectar and other substances are also combined to form structural materials for the hive itself, such as beeswax and propolis.

What’s the Buzz About Bee Products?

The nectar and pollen bees use for food and other purposes are also good sources of naturally occurring nutrients and phytochemicals that can be beneficial for humans. Bee Pollen, Propolis, and Royal Jelly are healthy bee products that have been used for centuries to promote health and wellness.

  • Bee Pollen – Bee Pollen is a fine powder that carries the male reproductive cells of the flower. Honey bees instinctively gather only that pollen which is pure and healthy, then mix it with flower nectar and bee saliva to form a natural and highly nutritious food that has all twenty-two of the elements composing the human body. It has vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals and enzymes in a balance that ensures optimum bioavailability.
  • Royal Jelly – As mentioned above, Royal Jelly is a super-specialized food created specifically to feed the queen, and to a lesser extent the larvae of the hive. It is a true superfood with a wide array of beneficial nutrients including vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and more. It is available as 1000 mg softgel supplements and 1500 capsules as well as Ginseng & Royal Jelly Veg Capsules with licorice root.
  • Propolis – Bee Propolis is a mixture of resins collected by honey bees from tree buds, sap and other plant sources and is used to seal small gaps in the beehive. The function of Propolis is to reinforce the hive’s integrity and stability, as well as to maintain its sanitary state. NOW® Propolis is collected by beekeepers from active, healthy hives and possesses a variety of bioflavonoids. Also available as 1500 mg capsules.

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