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Airless Pump Dispenser FAQs



What is an airless pump dispenser?

An airless pump dispenser is a bottle-top dispenser typically used in the cosmetics industry to protect products that are degraded by exposure to oxygen.

Airless pump bottles and packaging help to keep air and other contaminants out of the product, thus extending shelf life and reducing or eliminating the need for harsh chemical preservatives.

I pumped the dispenser several times but no product came out. Is something wrong with the product dispenser?

When using your airless pump dispenser for the first time, you may need to “prime” your dispenser. To prime your dispenser, pump dispenser slowly about 10 to 15 times. This process of priming will activate the vacuum pump system.

If at any time your dispenser stops working, simply repeat the priming process to reactivate the vacuum pump system.

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